Welcome to the East Coast!

My name is Leighann and I adore living life on the East Coast.  Fall is best seen from this side of the country, both long and cozy dinners and endless to-go cups of coffee are staples here, and warm traditions are everywhere you need them to be.

I’m here to share with you all the deliciousness I’ve grown to love over the years living on the East Coast in the southern region.

I am a nutritionist working full time having graduated from The University of Alabama with my BS in Human Nutrition.  I have a passion for health, wellness, nutrition, the animals and the environment-and this is why I’m about 98% plant based.

What’s plant based, you ask?

The majority of my food comes from plant sources such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes.  The other 2% I allow into my diet are either processed or some type of dairy-mostly found in cakes, cookies, pizza, etc.

While I’m not perfect (and I don’t claim to be nor ask that you be, either), I strive to be as healthy and as cruelty free as possible.  And I have found and have come up with some of the best recipes and food combinations after going down several paths in the nutrition and comfort food world!

My passion now is to share my new found obsessions for plant-based recipes and inspire you all to add more plants into your diet, all while keeping the level of comfort and tastiness as abundant as the orignal-which isn’t difficult.

I still eat lots of treats and have TONS of yummy goodies to share with you, so beware of double chocolate chip cookies, guacamole loaded tacos, and chili topped with sour cream and lots and lots of Fritos.  I don’t skip on the taste-but I like to sneak in more veggies and good-for-you-foods 😉

Because why not be more healthy and eat deliciously?  It really is about having your cake and eating it too <3


My favorite things in the world are cozying up with a latte in a coffee shop or grabbing an iced coffee to go, baking, reading the latest Nicholas Sparks book and the most current research on nutrition and health, meeting new people, shopping in cute little boutiques, and exploring new places.  My favorite spot in the whole world is the Outer Banks in North Carolina, and hope to call this home one day soon.

I’m so glad you’ve found your way here and I am looking forward to getting to know you <3

*Although I am not a Registered Dietitian, I do have my BS in nutrition and dietetics and I am just one last step from earning my license so I feel comfortable providing information on health and diet.  I do have the education and tools in reference to diseases and cancer prevention, however, I am not allowed to share this information without a RD license.  Therefore, any questions you may have on these topics you will need to consult a dietitian.


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