Casual and classic mid summer styled look!

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Happy Friday, friends!

I know it’s nearing the end of July and we have a while to go before the brisk fall season begins, but I just get so excited for wearing fall inspired clothes and accessories.  Ladies, who’s with me??

These pieces are great for breezy summer evenings or dinner out on the deck by the water.  You can easily switch up these destroyed skinny jeans for some shorts to make it a little more cool when paired with this season-friendly top.

Today I put together for you a look that is classically fall but can be still be styled for summer.  I found some pieces recently and couldn’t help myself.

casual look - complete outfit

casual green plaid button up

I found this adorable button down (or up, glass half empty or half full??) green and blue plaid shirt at Target yesterday. I love these colors and the combo of the dark with the white checked boxes are the perfect contrast.  It’s classy enough to be tucked into a skirt for drinks on Saturday night or dressed down with a simple pair of distressed jeans, like shown.

It’s slightly masculine but has a feminine feel and fit to it.  I’m a sucker for this type of style.

It’s super soft and long enough to sweep my bottom midlevel, something I struggle to find to suit my 5’9” height.  I foresee me wearing black leggings and knee high boots with this plaid shirt come October!

casual look - faux suede booties

These boots, these boots!!  I’m a huge fan of the style of suede and leather, but not with the animal cruelty.  (If you want to know more, check out my post on why I eat plant based here.)   So, I’m always in search of faux suede and faux leather, and these boots are the perfect match for a dupe!  They’re super soft, and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference-I had to check the materials to make sure 100%.

I found them at TJMaxx for only $24.  You can find similar boots here for only $33.


I’m a jeans girl but I have problems finding the perfect fit.

While I have long legs, my hips and butt are a little more curvy than what the average skinny jeans are built for, but these destroyed skinny jeans from Loft fit perfect!

casual look - destroyed skinny jeans

They have the perfect amount of stretch so when I bend over, everything stays classy and perfectly in place.

They’re distressed just enough to where you can wear them to dinner but still fun to wear them out to grab coffee with a friend.  They a modern coverage so they sit on a medium level on the hip-not too low, and not too high.

I found these on sale in store for only $12 but you can find them online here.

casual look - destroyed skinny jeans


casual look - pink bracelet and jewelry

I love to accessorize my look with some piece of jewelry to make it complete. Sometimes its earrings, other times its a necklace but I found that these bangles worked perfectly for this look.

I like the combo of green and pink, and the subtle pink from this similar buckle bracelet is simple but effective.  The larger bracelet adds a little more chunkiness to the outfit, and I think it completes it.  Check these pieces out!

casual look - complete outfit

Are you all ready for fall, or would you rather have 10 more weeks of summer?  Let me know!

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