My Goals: How I’m keeping on track

Good morning, everyone!

I am currently sitting at my dining table with my second cup of coffee trying my best to be as productive as possible.  Number #3462 why I love coffee….I should write a post on it.

Diner coffee is the best coffee.

Lately I have set up some goals for myself, my business, and pretty much all aspects of my life.

I’m a big ‘writing everything down in a notebook’ type girl, even after earning two degrees in college, and I think it’s time I transfer my writings digitally.  Thus, this blog 🙂  I have piles of notebooks (like the one found in this post) from my notes, goals, lists, etc. from over the years, and am not sure what to do with them.  By adding my musings digitally, I’ll be sure to keep track of all and not have to store old grocery lists or recipes in a corner of my house somewhere….

So on to my goals!

  1. Write in my Nutritionist Diary in my Food and Fit series daily to log what I eat and any workouts I complete.  This will help keep me on track with my health goals (especially as a nutritionist) and to share with all of you.
  2. Eat two main large meals each day.  I like to fast intermittently as a way to keep my blood glucose levels in check, to keep my hormones in check, and to have the freedom and clarity throughout the day.
  3. Work out daily!  Keep on track with my preplanned monthly goals (fit calendar coming soon) to improve my fitness
  4. Write a post on my blog every day for the next #90 days
  5. Save more money by writing out a monthly budget and monitoring it weekly to stay on track
    1. $300-$350 groceries
    2. $200 eating out – we like to eat out so we give a little extra money here
    3. $81 fixed electric bill, etc.
    4. Limit my treats (usually chocolate, a cookie, a Starbucks drink) to one per day!
    5. *add side incomeMaking Sense of Cents Affiliate Marketing E-course
    6. Build a finance and side income section to my blog to help myself and others.  I already have a Resources and Recommendations page you can check out that includes a course I recently took that has helped me tremendously!!

****Check out this online course by Michelle, that teaches you all about affiliate marketing, connections with readers and affiliate marketers, and the basis of managing a blog/site.—>


I’ll be working on the details of these goals so they’ll be easy to read and follow for you all.

What are some of y’alls goals for the rest of July?


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