My Top 10 Favorite Things

Happy Monday!

Isn’t it hard getting back into another work week?  For me, it’s even more difficult when it’s dark and below freezing when I wake up…brrr!

Often I reminisce about what I’d rather be doing instead of working, and my favorite things come to mind.  Sometimes I can partake in a favorite thing or two, plan to do it in the near future, or remember the last time I enjoyed a favorite thing.  Like today, I witnessed kindness.  Tomorrow, I plan to break a sweat.  Next month, a massage 🙂

Everyone has their own list of favorites, here is mine!

      1. Hard writing and snail mail.  I don’t know what it is, but the act of physically writing in my journal and planner is so satisfying.  Sure, electronic calendars and notepads are compact, they link to everything digital, and can send your reminders when your mind is other places.  I use this too, but I have to write my thoughts and appointments down on paper or my mind remains jumbled.  And getting snail mail that’s hand written?? Gold!
      2. Walking in sand or grass.  When’s the last time you kicked off your shoes and walked around your yard?  There’s something that grounds you (pun intended :)) when you are physically connected with the Earth whether that be on the beach, running around playing fetch with your pup, or lounging in the park.  I know I can’t often do this and it pains me at times, knowing that the only time I can do this is when we go on vacation to the beach.  But soon, I’ll be able to do it again once we buy a house in the next month or two 🙂 morning coffee
      3. A woodsy or musky scented candle.  This is an extension to #2.  As humans, its scientifically proven that nature enlightens us, improves our mood and health, and clears the cobwebs that cloud our mind and our creativity.  I live on the 3rd floor in an apartment building so nature and I are like distant cousins, sadly-we rarely see each other.  Lighting a candle that reminds me of a burning fire or the scent of a man whose spent his afternoon chopping firewood definitely lifts my spirits.  Anyone see my flannel shirt???
      4. Fresh ripe summer fruit.  I love mangos.  I don’t live in the tropics.  This is a problem for me.  But when summer rolls around and our grocery store ships in juicy sweet, bright orange mangos, I like to spend a pretty penny on these gems.  There’s nothing better than biting into a natural juicy piece of fruit.Summer fruit
      5. Fresh crusty sourdough bread.  Apparently I like to eat.  And I love bread.  Love it.  Like a teenage crush-it’s the only thing that matters to me!  Well, almost.  While I love bread, not any bread will suffice, it has to be quality.  I like to go to our Panera and buy theirs-it’s perfect for making avocado toast sprinkled with himalayan salt and fresh black pepper…..complete heaven.  Dipped in soup?  No other bread will do.
      6. Sunscreen.  Usually when you think of sunscreen you think of summer, the beach, spending your days at the park-always associating it with a fun time, right?  I like to buy natural blends with coconut ingredients.  Then in the summer when I’m trying to fight off the winter blues, I start moisturizing with sunscreen and the scent instantly takes me back to summer time, the beach, and everything I love about the warm seasons.
      7. Breaking a sweat.  No one ever regrets a workout, am I right?  You may not want to get moving, but once you do….oh man look out-you’re on fire!  I love the euphoria of feeling on top of the world when I’ve finished a workout and I’m wiping away well-earned beads of sweat.  My body feels good, my mind feels good, and my belly feels good when I reward it with a piece of chocolate after a workout 🙂workout selfie
      8. Warm southern nights.  I grew up in the northernmost part of the South…yes, I’m really trying that hard.  I love the South and I want so badly to be a Southern Belle.  You know what kind of nights I’m talking about.  The sun starts to set, it’s humid as hell (but you like it), and the fireflies begin to fly.  It’s 9-10 pm but you’re still sitting on the porch kicking back with a beer or glass of wine.  The fog hangs low on the lawn and the moonlight only adds to the beauty.  When you’re at the beach and this same thing happens?  It’s pure happiness to me, and I could die happy in this setting.Southern
      9. Massages!  Your muscles are tight and grow tighter and tighter each and every day you spend at work, chasing after the kids, running errands, doing laundry.  No more!  Let that tension melt into nothingness with a well-earned massage.  It may cost a few bucks but your body will thank you.  You deserve to treat yourself with wellness, whether it be physical, mental, spiritual or emotional.  Go for it and enjoy every second.
      10. Kindness.  Last but certainly not least, being kind and seeing acts of kindness warms my heart like no other.  This is why I am vegan (my health is a close second)–I can’t stand the thought of hurting other beings for any reason.  The other day I witnessed a car broke down in the middle of an intersection.  The driver in a panic was trying to push it to the side but couldn’t manage it alone.  Four other people in parked cars near the driver all got out to help push-I didn’t mention it was below freezing outside.  It made me smile as I sat and watched, and didn’t even hear the car honking at me to move since our light had turned green.Kindness

What are some of your favorite things??




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