Nutritionist Eats

This page is dedicated to what I eat on a daily basis as a nutritionist.  I do not always eat the healthiest, and will treat myself frequently.  Some days there’s balance, other days are healthy and some are just downright filled with junk food.

I hope this helps you understand that you DO NOT have to eat perfect 100% to achieve optimal health or any goals.

The purpose of this information is to help you with nutrition tips, meal planning, and overall guidance in how a nutritionist eats.  As some of you know, I eat plant based which means most of my food choices stem from whole plant foods as best as I can.  If you want some inspiration as to what I like to eat or if you need help with some recipe ideas, check out my food board on Pinterest here and here <3

Food and Fit: August 14 – A Roundup of what I eat as a Nutritionist

Food and Fit August 6th: Stay active on the weekends

Food and Fit August 5th-motivation

Food and Fit: August 4th-What I ate and my workout

Food and Fit: Wednesday, August 3-Time Management

Food and Fit: August 2

Food and Fit: Monday August 1st


Food & Fit diary July 25

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