Pros and Cons: Are you a Cat or Dog Person?

Since we just bought a house (whoop!!), the thought of getting a kitten in addition to our adult cat or a puppy has came up in recent conversation with my husband.

Our cat, who will be seven this summer would no doubt benefit from the addition of a companion, and we just haven’t had the space in our apartment. Now that we’ll have more room, what’s wrong with a little more responsibility?

Here, I’m going to list the pros and cons to getting a dog and cat as a pet. Read through, and let me know which side you’re on.

PROS (to getting a kitten vs a puppy)

  1. We’d have the same species in our household = our cat being more familiar with this addition
  2. no housebreaking a puppy!
  3. our cat now would have a friend to play with, constantly. And possibly get annoyed with
  4. less cost: I hear dogs (especially larger breeds) can be quite expensive with their food
  5. calmer atmosphere-dogs can be noisy and demanding
  6. constant cuddles!
  7. No boarding for short periods of time. We can leave our cat for up to two nights unsupervised and she’s fine
  8. Cats are self reliant-dogs are simply not

CONS (to get a kitten vs a puppy)

  1. We’d have two little beings using a the litter box = more cleaning and attending
  2. Not sure exactly how our cat now will adapt to the addition of a cat-she may do better with a different species
  3. Not being forced to get outside for some activity-cats don’t make us go out, sometimes I need a kick in the butt
  4. Missing out on getting a puppy.
  5. Training the new kitty to use the litter box and cleaning up accidents
  6. Missing out on the playfulness of running around and playing fetch with Fido

What do you guys think? Are you dog or cat owners? What other pros and cons can you add to those who are thinking over getting a new pet? Let me know what you guys think!

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